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Blended Learning

Blended Learning from PEF STEM Innovation Hub on Vimeo.

Blended learning is the instructional practice by which we integrate technology into our curriculum, instruction and assessment.  In a traditional school setting, the teacher usually has access to all of the knowledge and information, and the students are reliant on the teacher to dispense the information.  In a virtual school setting, all information is disseminated by an online platform and there is no teacher involved in the teaching process.  In blended learning, we use both practices depending on the resources, subject matter, and student need.  

At STEM School Chattanooga, blended learning is about students using technology to enhance their access to content, use of the content, and ultimately application of the content.  Our teachers are vital to the process, as they act in a variety of roles: instructor, facilitator, and coach.  Depending on the content, students may be online working independently and at their own pace or they may be working directly with a teacher in a large group.  We are neither a traditional school setting nor a virtual school.  However, we blend approaches from both of these settings to use the technology and our faculty in a way that best supports our school mission.