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More Information on Assignments and Grading

In order to help with understanding our expectations for work at the STEM School, below are some bullets that we believe may help you as you observe your child's performance.

Edmodo and Grading
Students have daily work they do throughout our units. This work can be found in Edmodo and is posted in the calendar. Please see the website information link titled "Current Activities and Assignments in Edmodo" for detailed information.

Inertia Institute
Inertia Institute is the name given to the two times in the year (1st week of January and last week of May) where students work online to fill in any gaps (scores of Missing or Below Basic). The online program students use is Edgenuity.  This online work provides students with the necessary information, video, practice to make sure no individual grades are any lower than Basic. In order to earn credit for a course at the STEM School, EVERY grade must be a basic, proficient, or advanced. Students with any grade not at this level by the end of school will be required to attend summer school until EVERY grade is at the level of basic, proficient, or advanced.

Dividend Days
Students who have ALL of their grades at basic, proficient, or advanced participate in Dividend Days in place of Inertia Institute. These students work on enrichment opportunities and activities. During this past Dividend Days, students learned Number Theory (masters level math course), built professional network, created photo montages, participated in tours of Chatt State programs, etc.

PBL Rubrics
All PBL project work have rubrics that students are given at the beginning of a unit. The rubrics include the necessary requirements for students to earn proficient and advanced levels.  Basic is not an acceptable option for PBL work.  Students at the STEM School are capable of and have shown they can produce proficient and advanced project work. Our expectations are that each student is working to produce high level work.

Students have all year to remediate (or fix) any Learning Target grade. We will cut off the remediation opportunity in the second week of May. Up until then, students can work to move any grade to a higher grade. So, if a student has a score of basic (70) on a learning target from January, the student can still work to improve on that grade and can earn an advanced (100) prior to the end of the year. Once we hit the second week of May, the highest grade a student can earn is basic (70) on a graded item.