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Parents and Guardians, 

March... the month that cannot decide if it is winter or spring. Enjoy the cold and warm! Here are some upcoming items we wanted to share that have nothing to do with the weather.  

Rising 11th Grade Parent Night 

Reminder: We are hosting our rising 11th grade parent night at 6:30pm tonight. We look forward to connecting with parents and guardians about important information regarding 11th and 12th grade years. The meeting will take place in HSC 1085, the auditorium classroom in the Health Science Building on the Chattanooga State campus. We very much look forward to seeing you tonight and sharing with you the amazing opportunities for students as they begin to think forward to 11th grade! 

Pi Day 

As you may be aware, March 14th is considered Pi Day each year (3.14). Folks have asked if students are allowed to bring in pies to share during lunch. That is perfectly acceptable. It is Pi"e" day.  

Testing Schedule 

Below is the testing schedule for state testing. Please note that the state has communicated that the state tests this year will count as part of the student's overall grade average. Please make sure you do not organize and make any appointments on dates below where your student is being tested. For any student with a conflict with a college class, the student is responsible for communicating with the college instructor PRIOR to the test date in order to get the absence excused. Email is best as that leaves an electronic copy of the request.  

April 18: English I (9th), English II (10th), English III (11th) - Subpart #1

April 19: ACT (11th)

April 20: US History (10th) - Subpart #1

April 24: English I (9th), English II (10th), English III (11th) - Subpart #2 & #3

April 25: English I (9th), English II (10th), English III (11th) - Subpart #4

April 26: Algebra I (9th) - Subpart #1 & #2

April 27: Geometry (9th & 10th) - Subpart #1 & #2

April 28: Chemistry (10th), Biology (11th) - All parts

May 1: Algebra II (9th, 10th & 11th) - Subpart #1 & #2

May 2: Algebra I (9th) - Subpart #3; US History (10th) - Subpart #2 & #3

May 3: Geometry (9th & 10th) - Subpart #3

May 4: Algebra II (9th, 10th & 11th) - Subpart #3 

Spring Break Times and Calendar 

March 17 thru March 24 - Hamilton County Schools Spring Break

--No school for 9th and 10th grade students.

--No STEM School classes for 11th and 12th grade students. However, all college classes are in session and students are expected to attend their college classes.

--Please note that the STEM School building will be closed during this week.  

Thank you for your support! 

Dr. Tony Donen

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