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Three Tenets of STEM

Three Tenets of STEM

STEM School Chattanooga does not only build its four-year plan around content learning, but the STEM School also has a four-year plan for process development. This plan is centered on our three tenets of STEM - collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation. Below is the four-year process plan to develop the three tenets more deeply each year.


9th   -  Diversity: work with others different than me

10th  -  Accountability: hold teammates accountable

11th -  Time Management: manage time for team projects

12th -  Networking: network with experts / professionals

Critical Thinking

9th   -  Personal Ownership: start with self in using resources and acquiring knowledge

10th  - Evaluation: quality control, reflecting on work and how to improve

11th -  Prototyping: iterative process, developing and testing multiple solutions

12th -  Expert Knowledge: applying expert and professional knowledge in solution development


9th   - Originality: be original in your work

10th - Failure Redefined: application not working is part of the process

11th - Desirability: create desirable products and solutions

12th - Invent: define problem, develop solution and invent new product