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New to STEM this year is a partnership with the University of Michigan in gameful learning. This partnership takes the form of an online grading program named GradeCraft. All science courses in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades will be using GradeCraft in place of Google Classroom and Powerschool. This is a pilot initiative this year as our school is the first in the nation to employ gameful learning in the high school setting. This initiative will mirror what University of Michigan is doing on their campus in Ann Arbor with undergraduate courses throughout their campus. 

What is GradeCraft? 

GradeCraft is a LMS (learning management system) that has been developed with the central focus of the student. On a weekly basis, students will complete tasks towards mastery of learning targets, earn badges (or medals) to show-off their mastery, and be able to watch their grade-progress meter fill up real-time. Students are able to view an entire course, and have the freedom to plan out which assignments they want to complete in order to achieve the grade they ultimately want to earn. 

How will this affect my student? 

Students will have the entire course laid out in front of them at the beginning of the year. This way, they are able to plan out their weeks, are able to know exactly what they will miss in class on days they are absent, and be able to celebrate their learning by earning badges (or medals) for learning targets they have mastered. Every student starts at 0 points for the school year and then completes assignments and course requirements to earn their way to success.

How will this affect me, as a parent/guardian? 

PowerSchool only provides you with a snapshot picture of what your student's grades look like, but not their learning progression throughout a class. With GradeCraft, you can view your student's progression through a course and quickly determine if they are on schedule, falling behind, or working ahead.  Rather than focusing on the negative aspect of "getting poor grades", GradeCraft encourages students to take risks and have no fear of failing, when completing assignments, by not taking away points when a student fails to show mastery. Instead, students earn points for what they accomplish, not for what they do not know. 

Where can I find more information about GradeCraft and gameful learning?

The University of Michigan has created a site for GradeCraft. This site,, has a lot of information about GradeCraft, its purpose and the work behind gameful learning.